We are an online magazine, community, and group of people dedicated to the well-being and fair treatment for every individual.

EM Goals

We want to grow our community in order to grow our reach. We want our message to spread: love, acceptance, passion, community, equality. We want to educate the world, to help people realize that almost everyone fights racism, sexism, and discrimination on a daily basis. We want to influence these people to fight against hate and to spread knowledge.

In general, we are going to fight against inequality by:

  • Spreading awareness that inequalities still exist for many groups of Americans
  • Helping people break the poverty cycle
  • Gathering petitions for our community to sign
  • Fighting against police brutality
  • Providing resources and information for those in need

These might be some of the things we focus on, but our goal is for our reach to be far and wide, so as a community, we can help in any way we can.

What’s the Next Step?

Equality Mag is the beginning of a new era of people. People who want to see change in the world and aren’t scared to talk about it. We are a community built around love, and working towards educating not just the world, but each other. The next step is getting involved. Everyone can get involved, and it’s easy! For example, one way to get involved is to join us on social media! To see what else you can do, click here.

Contact Information

For business inquiries, questions, or concerns: email [email protected].