Sign Petitions

Why This is Necessary

Petitions are a fantastic way to raise awareness for an issue. It can help win big litigation, lawsuits, government actions, etc. into our favor. The problem is that if there are 1000 petitions on the same issue, everyone’s signatures will be scattered. This is a way for us to combine our forces, so we all know which petitions to sign in order to have the greatest impact. If you want to submit a petition to the page, send it to [email protected] for consideration.

To sign a petition, merely make an account with the petition holder’s website (usually and then sign online! It’s super easy and can have a huge impact if we do it collectively.

Current Petitions

1. End Statelessness with UNHCR.
Across the world, 10 million people are deemed ‘stateless’. Meaning the have no nationality and the benefits that come with it: access to healthcare, education, basic human rights, etc. Sign the Open Letter for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

2. Require all police to wear body cameras.
This is a necessity with today’s militaristic police force. We need transparency and accountability when it comes to the police. The continually attack minorities without provocation. This would drastically change things.

3. Lift the ban on women driving cars in Saudi Arabia.
While this may not be close to most Americans’ hearts which is our main focus. Women’s rights matter regardless of the country. Let’s sign the petition for the women of Saudi Arabia.

4. Allow “stage names” to be used on Facebook.
This one may not be top-of-mind for some people. However, many people in the LGBT community use a different name than their birth name. Facebook has recently started banning users who don’t use their birth name. This needs to change.

5. Hold accountable colleges that refuse to protect survivors of sexual violence.
This one is a no-brainer. Rape and sexual assault on college campuses in the United States has been rampant in recent years. Colleges continue to act as if they aren’t responsible in any way. We need to help push the government to enact legislation that punishes colleges for refusing to protect victims.

6. Add more LGBT history to the History Channel.
Awareness is huge. People are only scared of what they don’t understand. Making LGBT more prominent in the media would be a great start at making everyone realize that we’re all just humans trying to get by.

7. Tell El Salvador: Miscarriage is Not a Crime.
It is illegal to have an abortion in El Salvador. Write El Salvador’s President Sánchez Cerén by clicking the link, adding your information, and hitting send now. You’ll be taking part in fighting for women’s rights.