Tell Your Story

Write For Us – Guest Blog OR Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story. Everyone has been affected by hate or love. Tell us how someone inspired you to be a better, less judgmental person, or tell us about how you’ve been discriminated against. Don’t hold back, let people know how you feel. However, please don’t be hateful even if you’ve been treated poorly. We are letting go of hate, but do tell the truth. We want to hear it.

If you don’t want to submit your personal story but still want to contribute, then do it! Write a blog post similar to the ones we publish, and submit it to us! Keep to the rules, and there’s a good chance we’ll publish your post, which gets you a link to your website and a shout-out on our social media sites!

Rules and FAQ

1. Submit your story to this email address: [email protected].

2. Please keep your story between 300 to 2000 words.

3. Please attach a high-quality photo of yourself in the email with the story.

4. Your story cannot be published anywhere else on the internet. PLEASE.

5. Please include a short, two to three sentence bio about yourself in the email. As well as your Twitter handle if you’d like to be mentioned in a tweet from us when it’s published.

6. Be truthful, but do not instigate hate. For example, do not include the race, nationality, gender, etc. of a person in your story unless it is in a positive light. We do not want to alienate anyone.

7. Just because you submit a story does not mean it’s going to be accepted, and it could take a few weeks to process. Be patient. If you want to know if your story was accepted, ask a week after submitting.

8. Have fun and thanks so much!!