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The Definiton of Racism: Everyone Can Experience It

What is Racism? It’s odd that this question is so reoccurring. You’d think it’s pretty self explanatory, but it’s not. Racism cannot be easily defined in a sentence, because it has multiple definitions, it’s evolved over the centuries, and people experience it differently. Many people nowadays believe that those in the majority or born with […]

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Don’t Blame Islam for the School Bombing in Potiskum

Boko Haram is a terrorist group whose name translates to “Western education is forbidden (or sinful)”. They are based in Northern Nigeria, reject the current government, and want to create an Islamic State. They’ve Killed Thousands They’ve killed over 2,000 people in the first half of 2014 alone, and have kidnapped many more. 219 girls […]

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5 Reasons to Stop Using the Word ‘Slut’ to Describe Women

You can stop using the word ‘whore’ too, and any other combination of words that degrade another person for their sexual choices. It doesn’t matter how many people she’s had sex with, how she dresses, or what flavor toothpaste she likes to use. Her toothpaste could be a tube of semen, albeit unsanitary, you still […]